"Philanthropy is not about privilege but accountability"






Created in 2013, the Power 2 Inspire Foundation (a 501c3) has been committed to helping young aspiring music creators and industry leaders rise to their highest self.

"Talent is universal but opportunity is not"
-Rye Barcott


The Power 2 Inspire Foundation is dedicated to creating an opportunity pipeline for gifted musicians, ambitious singers and songwriters and high potential aspiring business executives with a passion to make... music...with a heart.


The Foundation is also a convener sponsoring workshops, lectures, demonstrations, and master classes to reinforce the importance of preparation and resiliency.

Philanthropic Legacy

Founded by Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew whose philanthropic ethos is rooted in a higher calling.

Portfolio Of Services
  • Internship/Mentorship Programs providing professional training opportunities in the music industry for ambitious young musicians and leaders
  • Master Classes featuring interactive presentations for leading music schools and programs in the U.S. and abroad
  • Scholarship Programs supporting prodigious student musicians and driven young adults with high potential to succeed as music business professionals
  • Guest Scholars & Lecturers presenting high schools, universities and performing arts centers with intensive music training and industry insights

Overcoming Obstacles For Students
  • Expand access to high quality music programs and instruction when many districts are eliminating music and art
  • Opportunity to capture segment of youth who are disconnected from work or school
  • Leverage music instruction and enrichment to achieve broader education and life outcomes
  • Balance cognitive and non cognitive abilities by focusing on social emotional, and academic needs

Overcoming Obstacles For Parents
  • Family Engagement strategies will be integrated in all program areas to ensure essential reinforcement and encouragement
  • Foundation workshops will serve the interests of families including mentoring, financial literacy and how to support the community of talent
  • Artist & Fellows visibility in community activities will help model positive images and perception of inner city youth
  • Power 2 Inspire Foundation portfolio of service will create a pathway for global access and opportunity




For More info: info@power2inspire.org 


570 Piermont Rd | Ste 145 | Closter, NJ 07624 | 201.928.1999